Residents call on council to act over road congestion

Newgate Lane, Fareham. ''''Picture: Allan Hutchings (132425-445)
Newgate Lane, Fareham. ''''Picture: Allan Hutchings (132425-445)
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WARNINGS have been made that a new route in and out of Gosport needs to be made a priority as work progresses on the Solent Enterprise Zone at Daedalus.

People living along the southern section of Newgate Lane in Fareham are calling on Hampshire County Council to create a new access road to the east of the existing road in a bid to ease further congestion.

The road is one of the options being considered by the county as part of a consultation on highways proposals for the area, including a potential Stubbington bypass.

Robert Duckworth, of Newgate Lane, spoke at a meeting of Fareham Borough Council’s rulling executive on behalf of 64 residents who had signed a petition supporting the new road.

Speaking to The News, he said: ‘A relief road for Newgate Lane was first mooted in the 60s, long before the area was built up or Asda was put there.

‘But as in all things, the cost was prohibitive. We are the pinch point inbetween Fareham and Lee-on-the-Solent – we’re like the middle of the hour glass.’

The enterprise zone will see new businesses, a college, a hotel and housing brought into the area.

Mr Duckworth added: ‘The bottom line of all this development is that it will increase traffic to and from it, but Newgate Lane remains a country road.

‘Something needs to be done, and surely priority needs to be given to the biggest choke point?

Stubbington ward councillor Jim Forrest said: ‘The southern end of Newgate Lane is home to about 100 families and two care homes and people have been hoping for many years for some relief from the heavy traffic that comes past their doors.

Executive member cllr Connie Hockley said: ‘It is a mess and something needs to be done. Even though we now have the bus rapid transit scheme now, there’s still a problem there.’

In response to the consultation, Fareham’s executive agreed to tell the county that it supports improving western access to Gosport, including a Stubbington bypass ‘in principle’, but they also emphasised that more detailed research is needed on the various options before they could back one.

Cllr Keith Evans, who is in charge of strategic planning for Fareham, said: ‘We would urge the county council to come through with their final designs so we know what they are intending.’

Cllr Sean Woodward, leader of Fareham council, abstained from the vote as he is also the county’s cabinet member for transport matters.