Residents parking on the way for Cosham

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ASSURANCES have been made that a residents’ parking zone will still be set up in Cosham, Portsmouth.

It was decided last year that Dean Road and Pervin Road would become part of a scheme because of problems with visitors parking there.

But it was put off after the council said it was costing too much to run all of its parking zones in the city.

Councillor Aiden Gray, who represents Cosham, said it seemed like the area was being ‘hung out to dry’ because two more roads have been added to the Stamshaw South scheme since then.

Plans have also been put in place to extend the Orchard Road parking zone in Southsea.

‘I think Cosham is being hung out to dry again,’ he said.

‘I was told last year that yes, this is the next thing on the list but then it was put off because of budget constraints.’

Councillor Jason Fazackarley, cabinet member for traffic and transport, said Cosham was still ‘top of the list’ of new zones that will be created but adjustments had to be made first to the existing ones in Stamshaw and Southsea. I have never changed the situation on that,’ he said.

‘Pervin and Albert Road are still top of the list.’