Residents’ parking scheme ‘a success’ says council leader

The Emsworth and District bus without its roof, after hitting the bridge. Credit: John Horsman

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A RESIDENTS’ parking scheme in Fareham has been deemed a huge success by the council leader – despite just 25 people responding positively in a survey.

Fareham Borough Council sent questionnaires to 1,500 households asking what people thought of the town centre scheme introduced in September last year.

Twenty-five wrote back in support and 23 were against it, while 13 remained ‘neutral’ and 25 suggested changes.

Despite the low numbers, council leader Sean Woodward said it was ‘a huge success’.

‘We have only heard back from a few people but then people only tend to respond if they have got a problem,’ he said. ‘It really has worked very well and we are very pleased.

‘We have made a few more changes but we have made sure that with every street the majority of residents are happy with what we have done. The majority have been content.

‘We could look at widening the area within the town centre or even looking at parking schemes elsewhere as now we know how to do it.’

Uplands Crescent in the Fareham East ward and an area in North Wallington between Drift Road and Riverside Avenue will now also have a parking scheme after consultation with residents.

Those living in residents’ parking areas will also be provided with a free book of visitor scratch cards with every permit, allowing visitors to park there too.

A short-stay business visitor permit is also going to be introduced at a cost of £40 per year. This will give businesses somewhere to park if they visit residents for up to an hour.