Residents say road in Park Gate is not safe due to speeding drivers

Traffic on Hunts Pond Road
Traffic on Hunts Pond Road
  • They say traffic calming measures in Hunts Pond Road have made the problem worse
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PEOPLE living along a ‘dangerous’ road say the problem has got worse ever since traffic-calming measures were put in.

Measures to slow down drivers, such as a series of road build-outs to narrow the road and chicanes, were introduced to Hunts Pond Road, in Park Gate in August 2013.

It is horrendous. In the last six months, I have begun to feel like I am living on a motorway.

Janet Davis, of Hunts Pond Road

But residents say the build outs have made the problem worse, with people swerving and not allowing other cars through, and that motorcyclists drive straight through the middle.

Janet Davis, of Hunts Pond Road, said parked cars have compounded the danger, especially on a Sunday as people use the nearby church and football pitches.

She said it is now dangerous to pull out from her drive.

She said: ‘It is horrendous. In the last six months, I have begun to feel like I am living on a motorway.

‘It has been made worse since the traffic calming has come in. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve nearly lost the front of my car.’

Her neighbour Barbara Jackson agreed. ‘I have nearly had the front of my car taken out several times,’ she said.

They raised their concerns to Sgt Nick Morgan, who is part of the policing team for Crofton and Titchfield, at the last Community Action Team meeting.

He has since been in touch and said he would be looking at what could more could be done along the road.

They also spoke to Fareham Borough Council’s leader Sean Woodward, who is also Hampshire County Council’s executive member for transport.

He said: ‘I’m sorry to hear that residents have noticed that some drivers are not driving responsibly and we will be passing this information on to the police.

‘The current traffic-calming scheme was installed in August 2013 to increase safety. Prior to this, a consultation was carried out, which showed strong public support.

‘Since then, we have monitored speed and injury accident records, both of which have showed a decrease.

‘The next speed survey is due to take place in September. I would like to take this opportunity to remind people using this road to drive according to the layout, be considerate to other drivers and show respect to local residents.’