Restricted service on Gosport ferry tonight

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THE Gosport ferry will run a restricted service from tonight while construction workers install a new pontoon.

At 7pm the current Gosport pontoon will be closed to make way for a new £5m structure.

Passengers will have to catch the ferry from nearby Endeavour Quay until Monday.

Gosport Borough Council previously announced cycles, pushchairs, motorbikes and wheelchairs would not be able to use the service over the weekend. But a health and safety review means cyclists and pushchairs can use the ferries. Motorbikes, wheelchairs and mobility scooters will still be prevented from reaching the temporary berth.

The ferry company will operate an extra boat on Sunday between 9.30am and 6pm.

The old pontoon will be lifted out later tonight and the new one floated into place tomorrow. It is hoped the work will be finished by Monday morning.