Return of the giant M3 spider

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  • Man hopes for new success with Romanse tweet
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A man who spotted a picture of a ‘giant spider’ on a Hampshire motorway that was viewed around the world is hoping to repeat his success.

Ian Bell’s freeze frame from an M3 camera caught the moment the eight-legged visitor scuttled across the screen.

It was tweeted under the @Romanse account of Romanse, the traffic management authority for the area with the message: ‘Apart from a giant spider terrorising motorists passing by #M3 J6, #Hampshire’s roads are now quiet and incident free.’

Now Ian, who tweets as @IanBell, is hoping it will prove popular again. Last week he tweeted: ‘It’s been 2 years and 2 days since I’ve tweeted something that went viral. Does everybody only get one go?’