Revamped Quay Street roundabout ‘makes the traffic flow even worse’

CHANGED Quay Street Roundabout in Fareham.  Picture: Sarah Standing (114318-5581)
CHANGED Quay Street Roundabout in Fareham. Picture: Sarah Standing (114318-5581)
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MOTORISTS have labelled a major roundabout’s new layout confusing and dangerous.

The redesigned Quay Street roundabout in Fareham was meant to improve traffic on the A32 and A27.

But since it was fully reopened on November 21, drivers have complained of gridlock and frequent lengthy queues.

Hampshire County Council said it is spending the first three weeks reviewing how the £2m junction is working.

It said this would identify whether any changes needed to be made to the traffic lights or layout.

Motorist James Kennedy, 29, of Marks Tey Road in Stubbington, said something urgent needed to be done to fix the roundabout, which was revamped by Tesco as part of a deal for a new superstore nearby.

‘It’s caused more problems than it has solved,’ he said.

‘It’s absolutely hideous. I wish they could put it back the way it was.

‘I came through it the other day when it wasn’t even rush hour, it was about 4pm, and it was completely gridlocked.

‘I’m no expert but it seems to have made the problems worse than before – it’s very confusing.’

Jo Henson, from Whiteley, 44, added: ‘To be honest, I try to avoid it if I can.

‘It scares me – it’s always very busy and confusing.

‘I haven’t used the new Tesco and I probably won’t as we have one in Whiteley that I go to.’

Shopkeeper Suresh Thanga, 36, from Gregson Avenue in Gosport, added: ‘We’re going to see more accidents because of this, it is dangerous.

‘It’s complicated and hard to work out which lane to use.

‘The first time I used it, I had to go up to the motorway roundabout and come back again because I made a mistake.

‘I’ve been talking to customers in my shop and they’ve been saying the same kind of thing about it.’

The redesign was drawn up by the Highways Agency in conjunction with Tesco.

The reconstruction work took six months and created a new through lane, which is supposed to take traffic heading north out of Gosport quicker than before.

A new sliproad heading towards Fareham train station was added and new access for the supermarket was put in place.

But not all motorists are against the controversial new design.

Jacqueline Stringer, from Portchester, said: ‘It was atrocious when they were working on it, but now it’s just a case of getting used to it.’

Cllr Mel Kendal, the councillor in charge of environment matters for the county council, said: ‘We’re continuing to monitor the roundabout and traffic flows.

‘Traffic patterns and levels are settling and some adjustments are being made to the signal timings.

‘The layout and operation of the traffic management scheme at the roundabout will be reviewed to identify whether any minor changes need to be made.’