Rise in serious injuries on Portsmouth’s roads


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FIGURES have shown a large increase in the number of people seriously injured on Portsmouth’s roads last year.

The Department for Transport has released data on the number of people killed or seriously hurt which reveals the city had the second largest rise of any in the UK – behind only St Helens which showed an increase of 62 per cent.

No one was killed on Portsmouth’s road in 2011, as opposed to two people the year before, but the number of serious injuries jumped from 89 to 143.

Overall the annual number of people killed in road accidents has increased by three per cent, from 1,850 in 2010 to 1,901 in 2011.

This is the first increase since 2003.

The number of people reported killed or seriously injured has also increased by two per cent to 25,023 from 24,510 in 2010 – the first annual increase since 1994.