Road network set for £11bn of investment

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THE largest investment in England’s major roads since the 1970s has begun with the launch of a government-owned company called Highways England.

The company, which replaces the Highways Agency from tomorrow, will spend £11bn on improvements to England’s motorways and major A 

It plans to make 112 major improvements, including 15 smart motorway projects providing 280 extra miles of capacity, and resurfacing the majority of the network.

It will also bring in more than 150 new cycling facilities and crossings, including 40 by the end of next year, as well as aiming to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on the network by 40 per cent from 2010.

Graham Dalton, chief executive of Highways England said: ‘As well as delivering the biggest investment in major roads since the 1970s, there will be fundamental changes to the way motorways and major A-roads are maintained and operated.

‘We will be focusing on customers, providing better travel information before and during journeys, improving safety and reducing the impact of roadworks.’

It will be responsible for 4,300 miles of network, including 16,000 structures.