Roadworks return to Portsmouth motorway at night next week

Traffic queueing at the Rudmore roundabout on Saturday, June 29
Traffic queueing at the Rudmore roundabout on Saturday, June 29
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MAJOR roadworks that caused traffic chaos in Portsmouth in June will be happening again next week.

Colas bosses say steps are being taken to ensure problems caused by work on the M275 last time aren’t repeated.

During the last weekend of June, roadworks combined with crowds of people heading to the seafront and to Armed Forces Day events caused gridlock in the city.

Workers will be waterproofing the northbound bridges again from 8pm on Monday.

During the day two lanes will be open out of the city, and then at 8.30pm there will only be one lane open overnight until 5.30am.

That will be repeated until the work is completed on Friday morning. The southbound carriageway’s three lanes won’t be affected.

Andrew Findlay, traffic management supervisor for Colas, assured drivers there won’t be major issues.

He said congestion was a problem on Saturday, June 29 because only one lane was running out of the city during peak times. ‘The impact will be nowhere near as bad as it was then,’ he said.

‘There will be a certain amount of congestion, but we are putting things in place to deal with that as best we can.’

Advanced warning signs have been placed on major roads across the city to alert drivers of the upcoming work.

Motorists are being advised to leave the city through Eastern Road and Hilsea.

Temporary traffic lights will be installed at the junction of Northern Parade and London Road, though these won’t be switched on unless problems are detected. Colas and council staff will be on roads monitoring traffic flow in case other measures need to be taken.

This could include closing the northbound on-slip at Rudmore roundabout so the motorway can continue to flow while other traffic heading out of the city is diverted via Twyford Avenue.

Colas asset manager Paul Ferroni said: ‘Motorists should expect delays, allow extra time for their journeys and use alternative routes to the M275 where possible.

‘If people can avoid travelling at peak times or use public transport it would be a great help.’

Waterproofing work is scheduled for the southbound carriageway in the autumn.