Row continues over Portsmouth parking permit plans

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A FRESH attack has been made over plans to charge residents for a parking permit days before a decision is made.

Councillor Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Lib Dem group leader, said proposals to make drivers pay £40 a year for their first parking pass have been drawn up while money is being splashed elsewhere.

‘The Conservative, Labour and Ukip councillors have decided to spend money on new plush offices and extra staff for the leader of the council, instead of protecting residents from these extra charges,’ he said.

‘Lib Dem councillors proposed a different way of saving this money by reducing senior management costs at the city council.

‘Conservative, Labour and Ukip councillors voted against this and killed this idea. This is a disgrace.’

But Cllr Donna Jones, Tory leader of the council, has dismissed the claims and said charging is the fairest way forward. She said: ‘The former leader of the council is talking utter rubbish again.

‘He had an office along with his PA which has been made into two rooms to have cabinet discussions.

‘The new post I have created is my assistant who is someone who already works within the council’s strategy unit. There is no additional cost to the taxpayer.

‘I have also proposed the reduction of senior management posts, saving £600,000 a year. This is the fairest possible scheme and a charge of 80p a week is justifiable.

‘I don’t see how people in non-residential parking areas should subsidise those that do.’

The move, which will save the council £380,000 a year, will be discussed at a meeting on Thursday.