Seven tips on preparing to drive away safely on a chilly morning

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A motoring organisation has listed seven top tips to motorists on how to make sure they are driving away safely on chilly mornings.

With night-time temperatures expecting to drop below zero around Portsmouth, Green Flag says simple steps can help keep drivers safe.

1. According to Green Flag the most effective method to de-ice your car is simply to invest in a can of de-icer and/or a scraper; spray the de-icer across your windscreen and then scrape off the melting ice with the scraper.

2. The strong advice is not to use a credit car or CD case as a homemade version of the scraper as you can scratch your windscreen.

3. If you do not have de-icer to hand, Green Flag suggests the use of any good screenwash as an alternative.

4. Make sure your entire windscreen, windows and mirrors are defrosted as otherwise you can be driving dangerously.

5. Don’t be tempted to pour hot water over the windscreen. If too hot the water can cause your windscreen to crack or if the water is spilt on the ground it can burn you or freeze and cause a dangerous ice slick.

6. Don’t just sit in your car with the engine and fan on in order to wait for the car to heat up and eventually de-ice the windows; this will not only take ages but also wastes your fuel and increases wear on the engine.

7. Even though it may seem obvious, don’t try to clear the snow/ice with your windscreen wipers; it will probably lead to broken wipers.