Seven-year-old boy makes video demand for Waterlooville road to be made safer

Drivers have consistently come across pothole problems in Hampshire: Picture: Steve Robards

Council secures funding to tackle Hampshire’s potholes

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THE message in the video is simple and to the point – make our road safer.

Seven-year-old Ashley Mayne was filmed by father Steve next to 30mph Tempest Avenue, Waterlooville, just minutes after they were almost hit by a speeding car.

SAFETY Ashley Mayne in a still from the video and, inset, lollipop man Ray Elsmore

SAFETY Ashley Mayne in a still from the video and, inset, lollipop man Ray Elsmore

It is the latest of many near-misses on the busy road which is next to a school, a Tesco, a pub and children’s play park.

More than 600 people have joined Mr Mayne’s group calling for pelican crossings to be installed.

It comes after lollipop man Ray Elsmore was killed when he was hit by a car in the road last December.

In Ashley’s video he says: ‘I nearly got squashed by a car that was going too fast. They need to make the road safer.’

Lollipop man Ray Elsmore

Lollipop man Ray Elsmore

Mr Mayne, 42, of Emerald Close, said: ‘My eldest son and I walked to Cowplain shops to buy some sweets.

‘This required us to cross Tempest Road at the Westbrook Centre by the luminous yellow bollards.

‘We are learning road safety so we checked until there was no traffic coming, started to cross the road, then from Park Lane a speeding car had to apply its brakes to avoid running us down.

‘And this was at a non-busy time of day, 1pm on a Saturday.’

Mr Mayne said police statistics show at least 300 drivers a month reach speeds of 50mph.

He has now started an online petition urging Hampshire County Council to install pelican crossings at the Westbrook Centre and close to the junction with Amethyst Grove.

Mr Mayne added: ‘Tempest Avenue is a poor relation of the other distributary roads in the area which all have crossings and subways as safety features. Something must be done about this dangerous road.’

He said an advisory 20mph limit near the school is not enough and is regularly flouted.

Councillor Seán Woodward, in charge of economy, transport and environment at the council, said: ‘To encourage considerate driving the county council introduced a part-time 20mph restriction in the vicinity of the school on Tempest Avenue.

‘This is supported with some measures to highlight the crossing point near Cornelius Drive.

‘These serve to encourage motorists to drive responsibly and are being monitored regularly.

‘Upon receipt of any petition we would consider the provision of a crossing in line with our current policy.

‘The policy requirements are based upon the level of demand for and difficulty in crossing a road at a particular location, its effect on the safety of all road users, the physical constraints of the location to enable a crossing to operate safely and effectively, and its impact on traffic flow.’

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