Should Hayling Island have 20mph speed limit?

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CALLS have been made for the introduction of 20mph speed limits on Hayling Island.

Following in the footsteps of Portsmouth, community leaders have proposed 20mph limits in a bid to reduce accidents and make the island safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

Cllr Frank Pearce, county councillor for Hayling, has suggested a blanket 20mph limit on all roads.

Members of Hayling Island Residents’ Association are against an island-wide limit, but in favour of 20mph on residential roads and in shopping areas such as Elm Grove.

Cllr Pearce told The News: ‘I am in favour of it.

‘I would not mind it all over the island. I think it could work on Hayling.

‘I have mentioned it to the council, but it is not too keen on doing anything. It prefers the 30mph.

‘Most of the major roads are straight on Hayling, so people put their foot down and whizz along.’

Four years ago, Portsmouth became the first city in Britain to have a limit of 20mph on almost all residential roads.

Other councils have followed suit but it remains a controversial topic.

After years of hard campaigning, residents in Chichester have finally won a public consultation on whether the city should progress plans for 20mph limits.

Paul Fisher, chairman of Hayling Residents’ Association, said: ‘The traffic would flow as freely and there would be less danger.

‘I know it’s contentious and it doesn’t always work.

‘But it’s not practical as a blanket speed limit across the island.

‘Personally I am in favour of 30mph across the island.’

Highway bosses at Hampshire County Council are set to discuss the possibility of more 20mph speed limits in the county at a meeting in the coming months.