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Ooops! The no cygling sign
Ooops! The no cygling sign
Daniel Williams as King Charles I at Portsmouth Car Ferry Terminal, Gunwharf. Picture: Byron Melton

WATCH: Why King Charles I caught a Wightlink ferry across the Solent this morning

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A BUNGLING worker’s grasp of the English language is raising a few questions and smiles in Gosport.

What should have been a clear instruction for cyclists to dismount at Stokes Bay has instead left people puzzled as to how the mistake could happen.

And that’s especially so with a correctly spelt sign just 100 yards along the seafront.

Dog walker Tristan Crane, 37, of Avenue Road, Gosport, snapped the picture while out with his beagle and wife Gemma, 32.

He said: ‘I can’t understand how someone’s got it so badly wrong.’