Speed bumps and 20mph limit to be used on Whiteley road

BOLLARDS Yew Tree Drive
BOLLARDS Yew Tree Drive
M27. Picture: Malcolm Wells

One lane closed on M27 after crash

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A RAFT of mitigation measures to slow down motorists using a newly-opened bus lane has been approved by councillors.

Fareham Borough Council approved the measures at its planning meeting yesterday.

The measures will come into place on Yew Tree Drive in Whiteley when it is opened for a three-month trial next year.

Until February, access to Yew Tree Drive was restricted to vehicles, such as buses, with an electronic tag to lower the automatic bollards.

The bollards caused outrage when they held up an ambulance which was racing to the aid of a two-year-old boy and have been lowered ever since, extended by works to the bridge on the M27.

The changes to Yew Tree Drive will come in before a three-month trial starts when the motorway works end early next year.

They include speed cushions – small speed humps – to be introduced from Botley Road to Rookery Avenue.

The speed limit will also be reduced to 20mph with six speed reminder signs.

A toucan crossing will be installed to the south of Gull Coppice, where the school crossing patrol operates, and two uncontrolled crossings on Botley Road, one to the north of Station Road and one near Beacon Bottom, will be installed. Several pedestrian refuge islands will also be put in.

Bus stops will be relocated to improve visibility and an experimental heavy goods vehicle ban put into place, which could be made permanent at the end of the trial.

Fareham councillors put in a condition at its planning meeting in August to ensure they would have to approve the measures before they gave approval for the county council – which oversees the area’s roads - to start the trial.

Chair of the planning committee Councillor Nick Walker said: ‘Most people have concerns about people using Yew Tree Drive and speeding. These new measures are quite extensive and everything has been agreed by us.’

On the planning committee, Cllr Michael Ford said: ‘This has come back to this committee very quickly and every concern has now been met.’

Also on the planning committee, Cllr David Swanbrow added: ‘We have got everything reasonable that we asked for. It is everything that we wanted.’

It will now be up to Hampshire County Council to install the measures.