Sunday car park charges in Chichester would lead to ‘pray and display’

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CAMPAIGNERS opposing parking charges being introduced on Sundays in Chichester say it would impact on veterans at next year’s Armistice Day.

City councillor Mick Shone said the charges would be a case of ‘pray and display’ if veterans, their families and other service attendants were forced to pay parking charges.

Cllr Shone said: ‘Remembrance Day is on Sunday, November 11, 2012.

‘One of the most solemn and important days in our national calendar.

‘Each year sees a huge influx of people of all ages honouring the fallen at the annual service in Chichester.

“Will Chichester District Council suspend their Sunday car parking charges on that day, or will it be a case of pray and display?’

It comes as calls to halt the parking charges by using a Parish Poll – a rarely-used law where only residents of a parish can call for a referendum on a matter – have been rejected.

It was decided at a unique Parish Meeting, at the Assembly Rooms last Thursday, to launch an online petition to fight the parking charges instead.

The main reason for rejecting a poll was that it would cost £6,000.

An e-petition has been launched to fight Chichester District Council’s plans to introduce Sunday parking charges from next April.

A paper copy of the petition is going to be made available for signing at the City Council House in North Street.

This can be signed online at: