Take the quiz: Are you among the three in five of UK drivers not roadworthy?

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Around three in five of the UK’s drivers are not ‘roadworthy’, according to a new survey.

The online tool built by Halfords Autocentres to test UK drivers’ roadworthiness found that 59 per cent of the UK did not pass. Just 11% of UK drivers answered all 10 questions correctly

From road signs to the law on drink driving, the public were tested with 10 questions relating to car maintenance and the rules of the road.

The quiz asked users for their gender, location and the length of time they’ve been driving for.

It then automatically collects user data each time it is played and has currently had over 130,000 plays.

The question answered incorrectly by the most drivers was ‘What is the blood alcohol limit for drivers in England in Wales?’ - 68 per cent of those quizzed did not know the legal alcohol limit. However, drivers in Scotland - where the limit has recently been lowered - scored the highest on their knowledge of drink driving limits.

Disturbingly - but perhaps unsurprisingly - those that have been driving for 1-6 months are the least roadworthy and scored the lowest out of everyone who used the tool - with those who have been driving 20+ years the most roadworthy.

Of drivers from the South East who took part:-

89% (the highest) know when a new car’s first MOT is due

97% know how often they should check their tyre pressure

78% know what the engine temperature dashboard symbol means

You can take the quiz here