Terrible driving? Smile, you’re caught on Portsmouth cabbie’s camera!

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CANDID camera footage of Portsmouth’s bad drivers has been uploaded to the internet by a frustrated cab driver.

John Croxall keeps a rolling video camera on his dashboard to capture the errors some drivers make on a daily basis.

WATCHING Taxi driver John Croxall and the camera in his cab.  Picture: Steve Reid (114050-287)

WATCHING Taxi driver John Croxall and the camera in his cab. Picture: Steve Reid (114050-287)

The taxi driver has uploaded four eye-opening videos to his YouTube channel so far, including a driver dangerously cutting across traffic to turn right and a vehicle crossing the hatchlines to join the M275.

But the Aquacars driver, who works between 10 and 12 hours a day, said bad driving was not exclusive to Portsmouth – and hopes his work will help tackle a national problem.

Mr Croxall, of Wymering, said: ‘Taxi drivers generally have a bad name and I’m trying to put the other side of the coin across by uploading these videos.

‘Portsmouth is a city that attracts a lot of tourists and businesses from outside the city and I do try and make allowances for visitors who are not used to the city’s roads. I usually have a sixth sense to upcoming errors and can see them happen before they occur.’

CLIPS Footage shows a cyclist without lights in Cosham

CLIPS Footage shows a cyclist without lights in Cosham

It’s not just car drivers who feature on his videos – one two-minute clip shows a bike rider crossing a roundabout in Cosham with no lights on.

Mr Croxall, who moved to Portsmouth 20 years ago, has been a taxi driver for two years after being made redundant from his previous job.

He installed an on-board camera to catch those who run from his cab without paying a fare but admits he enjoys editing the footage into films.

‘As a taxi driver, we do encounter people who do “runs” and I have the camera in my car for evidence if they do it’, added Mr Croxall.

‘I found out that there are people out there who cause accidents on purpose and claim on your insurance, so I installed the camera to protect myself.’

The video-making fanatic has pin-pointed the M275 and side roads on Copnor Road and London Road as hotspots for bad driving.

He said: ‘You can capture examples of bad driving anywhere and if you don’t see at least one a day there is something wrong.

‘The majority of people drive efficiently enough but you get the odd few who think they own the road.’

‘I talk to a lot of friends about what we see on the roads and once you get out of the city you’ll see it’s the same everywhere. The motorway is not so bad but it’s once you’re in the city that mistakes are made.’ Mr Croxall said he will continue to upload videos on to his YouTube channel.

‘At the end of the day, I’m sure there will be a lot of response saying how bad taxi drivers are but I would like to think that I am one of the good ones’, he added.