Thousands of miles saved in Portsmouth commuter challenge

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The Portsbridge Roundabout / A3 at Hilsea, toward Cosham. Picture: Google Street View

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COMMUTERS who opted to take a greener route to work saved enough miles to travel from Portsmouth to Tokyo and back 10 times.

People also prevented almost 10,000kg of emissions from cars when they took part in the annual Big Green Commuter Challenge, which is run by Portsmouth City Council.

The scheme encourages workers to leave their cars at home for a week and instead use trains, buses, bikes or walking to get to work.

This year 1,298 people and 35 organisations took part and managed to save 97,500 miles.

Consultancy group CAL, based at Portsmouth Technopole, saved the greatest number of miles with an average of 67.6 miles per employee.

Amanda Morris, travel plan officer, said: ‘The idea is to get a taste of an alternative to the car, and it’s great many are keen to carry on using a greener method.’