Traders fear new residents’ parking area for Portsmouth will hit business

PARKING Elm Grove, Southsea
PARKING Elm Grove, Southsea
M27. Picture: Malcolm Wells

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TRADERS say their businesses will suffer if plans to introduce residents’ only parking go ahead.

Portsmouth City Council’s transport leader Councillor Jason Fazackarley has agreed to introduce a residents’ parking scheme covering 20 streets in the city.

But business owners on Elm Grove say it will stop customers parking their cars near their premises, and will force them to shell out £600 or more to park their own delivery vehicles.

Cake shop owner Jim Catcheside, who runs Fondantly Yours, believes it could destroy his business.

He said: ‘This is all I have and the parking permit scheme will wipe me out. I’ll lose my business. How will I explain that to my children?’

Residents requested a survey to see if they could have a parking scheme last year. The council sent 1,467 forms to houses in the area, of which just 24 per cent – 348 – were returned. But under rules passed by the council last year, a straight majority of forms returned is all that’s needed to get a scheme introduced. In this case 239 homes – 69 per cent – said they wanted residents’ parking.

Most people said they had problems parking near their homes every day, and believe shoppers and commercial vehicles are to blame.

Car owners who live on the 20 roads will each receive one free parking permit, and may buy a second for £53.50 per year. A third may be granted, costing £107.50.

But businesses in the area must pay £107.50 for a first permit, £215 for a second, and £325 per permit each year for any more.

Cllr Fazackarley agreed to relax ‘waiting times’ from two to three hours, without charge, for people visiting churches in the area and stores on Elm Grove.

The scheme will also see parking meters introduced on the north side of Elm Grove, offering an hour’s free parking, and tickets allowing vehicles to remain a further four hours at the city’s standard rate.

Cllr Fazackarley also said the transport department will create 10 new parking spaces on Victoria Road North.


THE scheme will affect the following streets: Aldwell Street, Bailey’s Road, Bradford Road, Cottage Grove, Cross Street, Fraser Road, Grove Road North. Hudson Road, Lower Forbury Road, Margate Road, Montgomerie Road, Pains Road, Playfair Road, River’s Street, Somers Road, St Andrew’s Road, St David’s Road, St Peter’s Grove, St Ursula Grove and Victoria Road North.