Traffic queues caused by work on Eastern Road

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A NEW road layout in Farlington has been causing delays for motorists.

Traffic lights on the Eastern Road heading towards Havant Road have been turned off and replaced by temporary lights.

But, with four directions of traffic to control, the temporary lights are causing queues which reach back to the A27.

Problems have been made worse by a new road layout currently in operation outside the Sainsbury’s store in Fitzherbert Road, Farlington.

The new layout has taken out the traffic lights where the Sainsbury’s access road joins Fitzherbert Road.

Give way signs will now be put in so all traffic going in and out of the supermarket car park will get priority.

Chris Jenkins, 73, from Nutbourne Road, Farlington, is a regular customer as Sainsbury’s.

He said: ‘It is absolute chaos.

‘With the way they have done the new layout, it has completely blocked Fitzherbert Road.

‘All the big vehicles and lorries coming from the nearby industrial estate are getting held up making matters worse.

‘It’s always been a busy junction but it’s just got worse.’

Chris Stone, a resident from Old Farm Way, Farlington, said: ‘There are no notices or warnings until you get to the junction and see there are no longer traffic lights but new white lines.

‘There have been huge queues from 3.45pm onwards and there will be accidents if it is not sorted out soon.’

The new road layout has been put in place by Portsmouth City Council.

Simon Brownlie, traffic and network manager at the council, said: ‘We’re doing this work because the layout of the junctions in this area has been causing delays for drivers, as traffic has not been flowing properly.

‘There have been problems where exits were blocked by queues of traffic.

‘We’re improving the sequencing of the lights, so they should work a lot better.

‘We’re very sorry for the inconvenience caused and work is only taking place from 9.30am to 3.30pm on weekdays, avoiding rush hours and weekends.

‘The work should be finished by Friday.’