Traffic stops for abnormal load

Daniel Williams as King Charles I at Portsmouth Car Ferry Terminal, Gunwharf. Picture: Byron Melton

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A HUGE lorry stopped traffic as it left the city, taking a 255 tonne transfomer to a substation.

The 57 metre long and 5.3 metre-wide vehicle crawled along with a police escort, travelling between four and 12 miles an hour on its way to Lovedean.

SLOW The huge lorry makes its way along London Road, Hilsea.

SLOW The huge lorry makes its way along London Road, Hilsea.

It had to be lowered on its hydraulics to pass under the bridge at Rudmore Road roundabout and the footbridge over London Road.

A small group of heavy transport enthusiasts had gathered at the footbridge over London Road ahead of Portsbridge roundabout.

Pete Smith, 69, of Juniper Square, in Havant, is a retired commercial vehicles salesman.

He said: ‘I’ve always been interested in moving these things.

‘About 40 years ago I got interested in ultra-heavy road transport.

‘Whenever I get the opportunity I take photographs.

‘There are people all over the country who do the same thing, we just swap photographs, information and that kind of thing.

‘I’ve supplied a few over the years for books.

‘I don’t travel as much as I used to because of costs.’

The transformer’s journey started at the dockyard this morning and it went along Twyford Avenue and Northern Parade, leaving the city via London Road and joining the A27.

The vehicle will then travel along the A3 to the substation.

The transformer will be used to lower the voltage of electricity to transport it across the area.

Antony Quarrell is a spokesman for National Grid.

He said: ‘It’s National Grid’s job to connect people to the power they use and today’s delivery shows one aspect of our role in the energy story.

‘Today we are transporting an electricity transformer from Portsmouth docks to our electricity substation at Lovedean.

‘The delivery was scheduled for outside the rush hour to minimise congestion and the route was approved by both police and the local authority.

‘We also sent out letters to over 1,000 residents who may be affected by the delivery.

‘Once operational the transformer will play an important role in helping to ensure the region enjoys safe and reliable energy supplies.’