Traffic system causing headaches for motorists at QA Hospital

  • Traffic is causing a headache for drivers at QA Hospital in Cosham
  • Motorists often have to wait for ages to get through the site
  • Call for system to be reviewed
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THE traffic flow at Queen Alexandra Hospital has been branded ‘ridiculous’ by visitors forced to wait in queues for up to half-an-hour.

Motorists as well as buses are having to sit in gridlock to get through the site every day around 2pm, the start of visiting hours.

Traffic comes to a standstill on Nightingale Road, which runs east to west through the site, and Pasteur Road, which runs north to south.

Jeremy Baker, 54, of Cosham, visits the hospital regularly and said the problem started when Cavell Drive, which leads out of the site at the junction of Nightingale and Pasteur roads, was closed to all but buses and emergency vehicles.

Mr Baker, a former Portsmouth City Council councillor, said: ‘It’s ridiculous to make that buses only now. People are tending to turn right from the east-to-west road instead of making a left-hand-turn.

‘If there is a bus stuck on the corner there trying to get across then nothing can turn right either creating a daily congestion issue.’

It’s taken me 25 minutes just from the traffic lights to find a space.

Jeanne Jupp

Mr Baker said a solution would be to make the junction left-hand-turn only from Nightingale Road during visiting hours. He said: ‘If the cars that were coming west were kept to turning right that would keep cars moving. They need only do it in between 2pm and 4pm.

‘Problem solved.’

Mr Baker said he once had to wait for 30 minutes to drive his car through the hospital site.

April Grierson, from Cosham, was there to visit her dad, who was in hospital after a stroke. She said she regularly had problems with the traffic at QA.

Ms Grierson said: ‘It’s horrendous. We need a bigger car park. I was waiting about 15 minutes. Once you have the buses lined up down there it creates a backlog’.

Jeanne Jupp, from Tangmere, also had to wait in traffic. She said: ‘This is terrible. It was very heavy coming in. It’s taken me 25 minutes just from the traffic lights to find a space.’

Portsmouth City Council cabinet member for traffic and transportation councillor Ken Ellcombe said was unaware of the traffic-flow problem.

Cllr Ellcombe said he was willing to help if he could but it was essentially something for the hospital to deal with.