Ukip come up with parking plan for Southsea zones

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A UKIP councillor has come up with a solution to the situation over two residents’ parking zones.

Cllr Julie Swan believes the suspension of the MB and MC schemes in Southsea should be lifted, and the times when people can park be changed to suit everybody.

She says all motorists should be free to park from 10am to 4pm, and outside of those hours you would need a permit.

The Fratton councillor says that would tackle the issue of commuters parking all day until late in the evening, freeing up spaces for shoppers wanting to visit areas such as Albert Road, Elm Grove and Osborne Road.

It would also ensure residents coming from work then have somewhere to park.

Cllr Swan has also proposed that people should be able to buy cheap scratch cards that allow visitors to park and see them for two or three hours, rather than having to pay more for a 12-hour block.

Overnight parking charges could be introduced too along Albert Road, Elm Grove and Osborne Road, helping to increase parking revenue.

Her ideas will be presented by the city’s Ukip group tomorrow at a meeting over whether the decision made by Tory traffic councillor Ken Ellcome to suspend the parking schemes should be looked at again.

Councillors will meet at 3pm in the council chamber at Portsmouth Guildhall.

Cllr Swan said: ‘It doesn’t have to be as straight forward as saying yes or no to residents’ parking.

‘This would benefit residents and businesses who need all the help they can get in the next few years.’