UPDATE: Two hospitalised after collision in Fareham

RTC at Prelate Way. Picture: Hampshire Constabulary
RTC at Prelate Way. Picture: Hampshire Constabulary
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A SERIOUS crash at a junction in Fareham has left two people in hospital.

The collision, which involved a motorbike and a car, took place at the junction of Prelate Way and Primate Road earlier this evening.

All emergency services were called to the scene, with Hampshire police advising people to avoid the area while the road was closed.

A spokesman from Fareham Fire Station said: ‘We received the call at around 6.30pm, after a crash between a motorbike and a car.

‘We took the roof off of the car to get to the female inside.

‘Both her and the motorcyclist have been taken to hospital but we don’t know the extent of their injuries.’

The vehicles have been recovered and the road has now been reopened.