UPDATED: Two children hit by car in Portsmouth

The Emsworth and District bus without its roof, after hitting the bridge. Credit: John Horsman

Roof torn off double-decker bus in Emsworth after railway ‘bridge strike’

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Two children have been hit by a car at the junction of Milton Road and Posbrooke Road in Milton.

The pair were returning home from playing in Milton Park when the accident happened on Milton Road at around 5.20pm.

They were knocked over by a silver Volvo XC90 and a nine-year-old girl was taken to Queen Alexandra Hospital, in Cosham, with a suspected broken leg.

Eight-year-old Holly Waring, of Crofton Road, Milton, was treated for minor injuries at the scene.

Her dad Malcolm Waring, 35, said his daughter was now safe at home – but she had a very lucky escape.

‘I knew they were going to the park with her friend’s mum,’ he said.

‘Then when I got home from work this little kid came up to me and said “your daughter’s been knocked down by a car”.

‘I was in shock. I didn’t think, I just ran back up there as fast as I could.

‘When I arrived her friend had gone to hospital – I only saw the aftermath.

‘I’m relieved she’s alright and it wasn’t worse. She’s only got cuts and bruises.

‘But she is worried for her friend. Hopefully she’ll be alright.’

Eileen Bolger, of Anvil Court, Milton Road, said she saw the build-up to the crash.

‘I was looking out of my window having my dinner and I saw two little kids run out of the park and I thought “wait, wait”.

‘There wasn’t an awful lot of traffic, but they both just ran into the road.

‘I guess they had been playing in the park and they just wanted to go home.

‘That zebra crossing is completely in the wrong place. They should have one outside the park here, and maybe that would not have happened.’

The driver of the Volvo was also taken to hospital and anyone with information should call PC Phil Hunt at the Fratton Roads Policing Unit on 101.