Upgrade to Southsea road will create new pedestrian crossing

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IMPROVEMENTS to the safety of the junction of Elm Grove and Victoria Road North, in Southsea, are set to be completed on August 13.

When the current roadworks are finished there will be new traffic lights at the junction and a push-button pedestrian crossing.

Currently there are no crossing facilities at the junction except for an island.

A spokesman for Portsmouth City Council said this will make the area safer for pedestrians and the intelligent traffic light system will also improve the junction for drivers.

Similar projects where push-button crossings were installed include Eastern Road, the Rodney Road, Milton Road and Velder Avenue junction in Milton, the Albert Road, Waverley Road and Lawrence Road junction in Southsea, and the Elm Grove and Grove Road junction in Southsea.

The council spokesman added: ‘It will put in push-button crossings to make the area safer.

‘Drivers will have fewer hold-ups caused by pedestrians crossing when traffic lights have changed to green, and the lights will be more intelligent, allowing people to drive on when it is clear.’