Video: Driver’s 2mph plod into Portsmouth

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This was my 2mph stop-start drive into Portsmouth city centre on Saturday afternoon.

Heading for Fratton Park, I joined the southbound queue negotiating the much-maligned layout in Mile End Road.

Driving off of the Rudmore roundabout at 1.36pm, it took until 1.43pm to travel the 400 yards or so to the ABC roundabout.

During that time, there was hardly any traffic in the bus line to the left of the long queue of cars.

It was possible to keep moving for most of the time, albeit at a snail’s pace, and the congestion was not so bad as I have seen it previously.

Portsmouth City Council says it is doing all it can to keep traffic flowing freely, but taking seven minutes to cover around a quarter of a mile means that I was travelling at an average speed of around 2mph on the main southbound approach to the city centre.