WATCH: Car left embedded in Portsmouth pub after crash

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A CAR was left embedded in the wall of a pub in Portsmouth after a crash this morning.

Hampshire police were called to the scene at 8.59am today, after a Vauxhall Corsa hit the outside the wall of the Travellers Rest in Somers Road.

Picture: Loraine Cogan

Picture: Loraine Cogan

It has since been removed by police, and staff from Colas have been working to make the site safe.

The driver sustained minor injuries and was taken to Queen Alexandra Hospital.

A spokeswoman for Southsea Fire Station said: ‘We received a call just after 9am.

‘Our job was to make sure the wall wouldn’t fall down – once we were sure that was secure we left.

A car has crashed into a pub in Somers Road, Fratton. Picture: Kieran Davey.

A car has crashed into a pub in Somers Road, Fratton. Picture: Kieran Davey.

‘We were only there for 10-15 minutes in total.’

Passer-by Carl Ross, 32, said: ‘There was a lot of activity from the emergency services.

‘A few of the roads have been closed off – it looks as though the car went into the gate and then the wall.

‘There is a hole in the wall where the car went through it, so it looks pretty serious.’

Loraine Cogan, who lives in Bailey’s Road, said she heard ‘a big bang’ and rushed upstairs to look out the window.

The 58-year-old said: ‘My first thought was whether something had happened to my house. I looked outside and saw all the commotion.

‘I thought it was a good job the kids weren’t on their way to school as they often walk along that road.

‘There were so many people and police out there so quickly.’