‘We are very hopeful the new-look Quay Street will work’

ON THE MOVE Traffic on the new-look Quay Street roundabout
ON THE MOVE Traffic on the new-look Quay Street roundabout
Picture: Carey Tompsett/PA Wire

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THE man responsible for the improved Quay Street roundabout in Fareham has said he hopes it will prove to be a big success.

Motorists have faced months of delays as work was carried out, paid for by Tesco in preparation for its new store on the edge of the site.

But overnight on Monday, the new junction was finally opened.

The layout allows traffic coming from Gosport to go straight through the middle of the roundabout towards the M27.

Dave Merrills, site manager, said: ‘It went well. We turned the lights on early in the morning. They are working under a new signal control.

‘People I have spoken to have said it’s moving quite well.

‘With an increasing traffic flow around the roundabout, it’s created a new give-way area for people to enter the site.

‘The way the traffic was set up before it would have been dangerous.

‘It’s reducing the load from Gosport which is the worst thing.

‘Now the sewer works in Gosport are finishing we will see the true roundabout. We are very hopeful it will work.’

There was a mixed reaction from motorists using it for the first time yesterday.

David Butler, 72, from Coombe Farm Avenue in Fareham, said: ‘It flows better. But most people who want to go up the motorway are going in the right hand lane. It’s still backing right up.

‘I think they might have problems. But it’s certainly improved it all round. It’s been needed for a few years now.’

Robert Laidler, 73, from Coniston Walk in Fareham, said: ‘It’s been absolutely terrible but the opening was okay. There was no trouble at all.

‘But it’s going to be utter chaos when Tesco opens.’

Tim Read, 61, from Lee-on-the-Solent, said: ‘I was a bit confused about which lane to go in. I ended up in the wrong lane. But I think it will be a lot better.’

Tesco agreed to the £2m scheme as part of the planning permission to build the store, which opens on Monday.