West Sussex motorists are still ignoring law on seat belts

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MORE than 600 drivers were found to be flouting the law and not wearing their seat belts in a week-long police campaign.

Officers issued 625 fixed penalty notices to motorists during the campaign which ran earlier this month in Sussex.

This compared to 395 fines issued for the same campaign last year.

Inspector James Biggs, of Sussex Police Road Policing Unit, said: ‘I am disappointed our campaign has highlighted that people are still ignoring the law and putting their own safety, and the safety of others, at risk by not wearing their seat belt.

‘However, the increase in number of people caught doesn’t necessarily reflect an increase in people not wearing their seat belts. This year Sussex Police increased its enforcement activity during our seat belt campaign to identify motorists who flout the law and to educate people about their behaviour.

‘On a positive note, it was very encouraging to see officers did not encounter any children unrestrained in their seats.’