West Sussex road resurfacing scheme gets under way

The mechanical issue also led to a disturbance yesterday. Picture: Wightlink

Wightlink cancels 12 Portsmouth ferry services for Wednesday amid ‘mechanical issues’

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A £3m scheme to resurface roads across West Sussex has begun.

More than 140 roads throughout the county will be resurfaced over the next two months.

The work will involve spraying a coating of bitumen on to the road, followed by one or more layers of hard stone chippings.

Among the roads being resurfaced are Stockbridge Road, Chichester, and parts of Broad Road in Chidham, Common Road in Funtington, Appledram Lane South in Fishbourne, and Woodbury Lane, in Stoughton.

Pieter Montyn, who is in charge of transport at West Sussex County Council, said: ‘Surface dressing is carried out every year.

‘It is done to seal the road and cover over repairs carried out following winter weather damage.

‘It helps protects against future weather damage too.

‘This is a very cost-effective way of protecting and prolonging the life of our roads.’

Soon after a surface dressing is applied, the road is swept to remove loose chippings.

Where possible the county council will give advance notice of the roadworks to residents and advice to ensure their vehicles are not left on roads that are about to be treated.

Signs will also be put up advising drivers to drive slowly on recently treated roads and keep to the temporary signed advisory speed limit.