Whiteley bollards go down for nine months

NO WAY THROUGH The bollards in Yew Tree Drive. Picture: Paul Jacobs (120188-2)
NO WAY THROUGH The bollards in Yew Tree Drive. Picture: Paul Jacobs (120188-2)
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CONTROVERSIAL bollards in Whiteley will be lowered for nine months, due to work taking place on the nearby M27.

Hampshire County Council has put them down to ease congestion getting in and out of Whiteley during the bridge replacement works at junction 9.

This means that work to reduce the speed of traffic on Yew Tree Drive, which should have taken six weeks to complete, has had to be completed in just one week.

Changes to the road include new painted ‘slow’ markings, rumble strips, 30mph flashing speed signs and heavy goods advisory signs.

Throughout the nine-month period, data will be collected which will be used to make a decision on whether to lower the bollards permanently.

Until last week they had been lowered while an investigation took place into why an ambulance rushing to the aid of a two-year-old boy could not pass through them.

The bollards were raised again on Monday after South Central Ambulance Service adjusted some of its vehicles’ sat nav systems.

Leader of Fareham Borough Council Cllr Sean Woodward said: ‘Yew Tree Drive has been used as a rat run while the bollards have been down. Most people have been ignoring the speed limit and the give way markings.

‘I can’t get everything done that I’d like to do to make the road safe but I have put in some measures and the council will consider introducing others, such as a 20mph speed limit.

‘If we’re going to lower the bollards permanently, then let’s make sure we do it right.’

Whiteley Parish Council chairman Mike Evans said: ‘Some people do speed and we welcome the measures to slow people down, as there is a school nearby.

‘The residents of Whiteley have been asking for years to have the bollards lowered and I just hope that they stay lowered after the trial.’

The council will also consider lowering the speed limit to 20mph and putting in more pedestrian crossings. It will also look to review on-street parking.

The bollards will be lowered on Tuesday, March 12.