Woman’s horror as bus crush leaves her battered and bruised

Mandy Hewitt
Mandy Hewitt
M27. Picture: Malcolm Wells

One lane closed on M27 after crash

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A TAXI driver has told of her horror at being crushed by a bus.

Mother-of-two Mandy Hewitt had stopped near a bus stop in Lake Road in Portsmouth where she was waiting for a customer.

She had put her hazard lights on, and was standing next to her car when the single-decker Stagecoach bus pulled up alongside.

Then, as it pulled away, its rear swung out – squashing her between the bus and her taxi.

The 32-year-old, from Pitcroft Road in North End, said she was left battered and bruised.

‘The bus was pulled over by the side of me but left me no room to move,’ she said.

‘I knew what was going to happen but I couldn’t move away from it. She loaded up her customers and just drove off and squashed me in between the taxi and the bus. The next thing I knew I was on the floor in so much pain. I was screaming in pain.

‘I haven’t been able to move and I’ve had to get stronger painkillers. I can’t sleep because I can’t lie down and get comfortable.

‘The hospital said they couldn’t believe I didn’t break any bones.’

Mrs Hewitt is an independent taxi driver and is unlikely to be able to work for six weeks.

‘If I’m not working, I can’t earn,’ she said

‘It’s going to leave me skint. I’ve got two kids so I don’t know what I’m going to do.’

Bob Jackson, depot manager for Stagecoach Portsmouth, said: ‘The police confirmed to us that the lady was stood outside of her taxi, in the road, leaning across the roof and that the rear swing of the bus brushed her as it pulled out. So far, they have told us that she is not injured and that they are not planning to take any action against our bus driver.

‘Obviously, we hope that the lady is ok and will co-operate with any investigations the police wish to make.’