Women hurt after hit-and-run accident

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TWO YOUNG women were left seriously injured after a car ploughed into them and drove off.

The women, both in their 20s, had been on a night out in Gosport when they crossed Stoke Road, close to Stoke Snooker Club, at 11pm, on Saturday.

Witnesses say as they stepped out they were hit by a car, which hurled them in the air, before speeding off from the scene.

Customers of nearby pubs and the snooker club rushed out to help them after hearing a loud bang.

Paramedics were called and witnesses saw one of the women motionless on the floor, being revived with a defibrilator.

Nick Pateman, from Chichester Close, Gosport, said: ‘The manager of the snooker club saw the crash and went straight outside to help.

‘The two girls were in the middle of the road. Loads and loads of people were crowded round and the driver of the car had gone by then.

‘One of the girls wasn’t moving. It was quite traumatic for the people who saw it.’

One woman suffered a broken leg while the other suffered more serious injuries and is a stable condition in intensive care at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham.

A spokeswoman for South Central Ambulance service said: ‘We were called at 11.15pm to two females who had been hit by a car.

‘There was no sign of a car there when we arrived.

‘Both the women were in their 20s and one had life-threatening injuries while the other had serious leg injuries. They were conveyed to hospital.’

Anyone with information about the incident should contact Hampshire police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.