Worker rescued after falling ill

The crash happened in Cavell Drive

Taxi driver in hospital after Portsmouth bus crash

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A 60-YEAR-OLD man was taken to Portsmouth for medical treatment after suffering a stroke while working on a sea fort.

The construction worker fell ill while working on the No Man’s Land Fort off the Isle of Wight in the early hours of Tuesday.

The Bembridge volunteer RNLI lifeboat crew went to the island fort, which is being converted into a luxury hotel, to rescue the elderly man. He was then taken to shore at Portsmouth and onward to hospital. Coxswain Steve Simmonds said: ‘We assumed it would just be a straightforward evacuation and had no idea how complicated it would be. The only access to the fort is up a vertical 15ft ladder, on to a gantry, up a ramp onto a boarding platform, which is traditionally used to hoist Ribs from the water.’