Yew Tree Drive bollards down due to crash

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A CONTROVERSIAL bus bollard system has been out of action this week after a drink-driver crashed into it.

The incident left one of the mechanical bollards on Yew Tree Drive, Whiteley, at an angle meaning that it had to be lowered to allow buses to pass.

The bus gate in Yew Tree Drive, Whiteley, caused debate last week when a pensioner had her car written off as she tried to follow a minibus through the bollards and they rose in front of her car.

The bollards are operated by an electronic tag which automatically allows authorised vehicles, such as buses and emergency vehicles, to pass.

Hampshire County Council lower the barriers in certain situations, such as to ease congestion following accidents on the M27.

A petition by Whiteley Parish Council gathered 2,000 signatures calling for the bollards to be permanently lowered.

Some people have accused Leader of Fareham Borough Council Sean Woodward of not acting sooner to get the bollards lowered as he lives nearby.

He said: ‘Contrary to rumour I do not live on Yew Tree Drive – I live four streets away. Personally, when it is open I find it most convenient to use.

‘Arguably therefore I have more to gain on a personal convenience level if it was open to all, especially as half the residents I represent are the other side of it.’

Lucy Magg, 32, Whiteley resident said: ‘For people juggling work and children who are not in school in Whiteley as there are not enough places, it would mean a better quality of life if they were permanently lowered.’

Fareham Borough Council plan to ask residents their view on the bollards in a survey.

Whiteley residents can subscribe to text and Twitter alerts to notify them of when they are officially allowed to use the bus lane at

The bollards have now been fixed and are fully operational.

Following the crash, a 20-year-old woman from East Sussex was arrested on suspicion of drink driving.