Tree wardens look out for disease

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TREE wardens are on red alert for the devastating ash dieback disease across the region.

Although there have been no signs of the disease in Hampshire so far, it has been discovered in Kent, Sussex and East Anglia.

Trees on highways will be inspected as part of Hampshire County Council’s tree safety inspection programmes and council arboriculturists will be on alert for signs of the disease on any ash trees.

Planting of ash trees has been suspended on the council’s landholdings and in any work being carried out.

Cllr Mel Kendal, deputy leader of the council, said: ‘We will work closely with the relevant government departments, including the Forestry Commission of course, as well as our district council partners, to do whatever we can to minimise the spread of this disease and prevent the loss of ash tree species from Hampshire’s landscape.’

If you believe you have discovered the disease, contact the Forestry Commission’s Plant Health Service.

The service can be emailed at