Tributes paid to person killed in fatal M27 crash

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MOTORISTS took to social media to pay tributes, vent their frustrations and search for alternative ways round following the fatal crash on the M27.

The collision, between a car and a lorry near Junction 9 at Whiteley, left one person dead, and brought traffic on the motorway to a standstill for much of the day.

Emergency services on the scene after the fatal M27 crash. ''Picture: Paul Jacobs (150465-12)

Emergency services on the scene after the fatal M27 crash. ''Picture: Paul Jacobs (150465-12)

Others took a more reflective view.

Louis Karsenbarg tweeted: ‘I’m not looking forward to the drive home due to the #M27 accident closure, but I’m thankful that I’m lucky enough to be going home today.’

Jack Brooks said: ‘Loads of tweets about bad traffic on M27... Just be happy that you’re in traffic and alive!’

Connor Bowers said: ‘Thoughts go out to the family of the person killed on the m27 today. On a side note, hedge end is broke atm.’

Traffic came to a standstill for hours yesterday following the crash. ''Picture: Paul Jacobs (150465-14)

Traffic came to a standstill for hours yesterday following the crash. ''Picture: Paul Jacobs (150465-14)

Luce Pycroft said: ‘Taken three hours but I’m home! Thoughts are with the people involved in the crash on the #M27.’

Andrea Grindey said: ‘Can’t stop thinking about how awful the crash on the m27 looked this morning. rip and hope the others involved are all ok.’

Julie Simmons said: ‘Parked on M27, thinking of the life lost today, may you sleep with the angels xxx’

Information about the accident and diversions were given frequently throughout the day by emergency services on their Twitter accounts, as well as traffic bulletins from the council and Highways Agency.

The scenes after the crash. ''Picture: Paul Jacobs (150465-20) PPP-150326-164803006

The scenes after the crash. ''Picture: Paul Jacobs (150465-20) PPP-150326-164803006

Relief and sadness among stranded

Most motorists, when they set off for work in the morning, had not expected to still be on the road that afternoon, but the mood was relatively calm among those stranded on the M27 just after lunch time.

As police officers handed out bottled water to the rows of cars on the three-lane motorway, people seemed to be accepting of the fact that their day would be spent on the tarmac and not at work.

For those who had seen the smoke and flames from the accident, it had been a sobering morning which left them grateful for not being involved rather than despondent over the delay.

The overwhelming feeling was one of relief that they had not been involved in the fatal crash, as well as sadness for those that had been.

Some climbed the banks of the motorway to take a break in nearby Swanwick, while mothers took their children on walks between the cars.

Police, unable to let anyone through as they conducted the investigation, were preparing to turn cars at the end of the tailback around and cut through the centre barrier to allow those at the front through on the opposite side. Workmen arrived just before 1.30pm to cut through the barrier as police prepared to close the westbound side for a brief time.

Tailbacks through towns

ROADWORKS on diversion routes were removed in a desperate bid to ease congestion caused by the blocked motorway.

Traffic tailed back through Fareham and neighbouring towns and villages as motorists tried to get round the fatal collision on the eastbound M27.

Executive member for transport at Hampshire County Council Sean Woodward said: ‘It is terrible news and my immediate thoughts are with the friends and family of the people affected and of the person who has sadly lost their life.

‘The police closed the road entirely for a significant amount of time which will and is causing chaos and I believe that people will understand the need for them to do so to conduct a full enquiry into what happened.’

He said that council workers used intelligent traffic systems to alter traffic lights across the area, as well as being deployed to remove any roadworks on diversion routes.

The Highways Agency reopened the eastbound carriageway of the M27 early this morning.

It was closed between junctions 8 Hedge End and 10 Fareham for an extended period due to the road surface being badly damaged, as well as to remove vehicles from the carriageway and make essential repairs to central reservation.

There was a diversion in place from junction 8 via the A3024 and A27.