Tributes paid to radio DJ with the amazing voice

Carolyne Munroe,  the former Radio Victory DJ, who has died
Carolyne Munroe, the former Radio Victory DJ, who has died
  • Carolune Munroe was a pioneer for the transgender community
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SHE was the trailblazer with the mesmerising voice.

Fond tributes have been paid to radio broadcaster Carolyne Munroe, who has died at the age of 67.

Carolyne was the resident DJ at South Parade Pier in the 70s and went on become a hugely popular presenter at Radio Victory in Portsmouth.

She delivered the opening announcement for the radio station in 1975 as Glenn Richards. When she returned to the revamped radio station in 1994, she had had a sex change and was a woman.

But her unmistakable voice never changed.

Friend and former colleague Mark Samways, founder and former managing director of the radio station, said: ‘She just had the most amazing voice.

Carolyne Munroe, when she was Glenn Richards

Carolyne Munroe, when she was Glenn Richards

‘Her famous line was “I’ve made lots of concessions to society, but I’m not changing my voice”.’

And he added: ‘She had a brilliant life.

‘She really lived life to the full.

‘She was just a brilliant broadcaster. She could go from being serious to silly on a sixpence and pull it off.

‘Her nostalgia programmes were legendary.

‘She was a very courageous and brave pioneer to changing your image so dramatically, especially doing it in the public eye, obviously when the thing you are known for is your voice.

‘Back then it was difficult for people to come to terms with.’

Carolyne left Portsmouth in 2000 to move to Torquay and the radio station changed hands in the noughties before becoming The Quay and then The Breeze.

Carolyne died following an illness, having struggled with emphysema for many years.

Mr Samways added: ‘We brought two radio stations into life, shared tough times and good times. The music mattered, voices mattered and great local radio mattered. She cared about local organisations and charities and Portsmouth.

‘So many people, here and abroad, have reacted almost instantly to her passing and all share their memories of her big personality and warmth of soul, many thanking the Victory of the ‘90s for their inspiration or big break.’