Truck crashes into Portsmouth house as mum and two children have ‘lucky’ escape

A MUM and her two children had a lucky escape as a truck loaded with concrete careered down a hill in Cosham before smashing into the front of their house.

The handbrake on the silver Nissan truck is reported to have failed while it was parked at the top of Hilltop Crescent at about 1.50pm today.

The truck, owned by Stonegreen Landscapes, rolled more than a 150 yards downhill, colliding with a car before coming to a stop in a family’s living room, while a mum and her two children were still inside the house.

Watch manager at Cosham Fire Station, Steve Pearce, said it was ‘lucky they were in a back room.’

The truck crashed into the front of the house after rolling more than a 150 yards. Picture: Cosham Fire Station

He said: ‘The truck had been part of demolition work up the hill from the house.

‘The truck had been loaded with old concrete, and all of a sudden the handbrake gave way.

‘It came through the front bay window, while a woman and two children were in the back room.

‘It was lucky they were in the back room.’

Matt Cover, a landscaper at Stonegreen, said he working out of sight of the road when a neighbour told him ‘the truck is going down the hill.’

He said: ‘The truck had been parked up all day, from 9.30pm.’

No one was injured in the incident.

A police spokesman said a structural engineer found the damage to the property presented no immediate danger.

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