Tudor fun for kids as they get dressed up in old-fashioned frocks

REGAL From left, Abi, nine, Elli, seven, and Niamh, three, Quinlan. Picture: Ian Hargeaves  (122645-1)
REGAL From left, Abi, nine, Elli, seven, and Niamh, three, Quinlan. Picture: Ian Hargeaves (122645-1)
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YOUNGSTERS had fun dressing up in Tudor costumes at the Mary Rose Museum.

And three young girls were especially keen to wear one of the princess frocks at the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard attraction.

Sisters Abi, nine, Ellie, seven, and Niamh, three, Quinlan giggled as they all squeezed on to a throne in their traditional garb yesterday.

‘I picked mine because it’s green,’ said Abi, of Bedfordshire, who is visiting Portsmouth with her family.

She added: ‘It’s quite hot to wear, so I wouldn’t want to do it all the time but it’s a very pretty dress and it’s fun getting dressed up.’

Her mother Sally Quinlan, 39, said: ‘My mum lives in Hampshire and I used to come and see the Victory when I was younger, so I wanted to bring the girls here now.

‘The dresses are lovely and it’s such a nice idea to get children involved and learning about history.

‘Abi has just played Anne Boleyn in her school play a couple of weeks ago so she’s thrilled to be back in one of her green dresses again.’

Mary Rose Museum volunteer Chloe Shipp, 18, of North End, said: ‘It’s good fun. You’ve got to coax them in and get them dressing up.

‘It’s not just children, we’ve had adults in too. There was a couple from Bulgaria last month who tried on every single dress, so it’s fun for all the ages.’


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