Turkeys on Hampshire farm go crazy during the cold

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A farmer has described how her turkeys went 'loopy' as snow fell on her farm.

Alexandra Bridger and partner Simon, who have been breeding 500 turkeys on Ashford Farm near Petersfield, said the birds have been in a state of shock during the Arctic weather.

It is the first time the birds have experienced such cold conditions.

Mrs Bridger said: 'They're naturally curious creatures, and love exploring their surroundings.

'When the snow fell they went absolutely loopy, running around at top speed.

'It is so unusual to get snow in December, so this year's turkeys are experiencing something they normally wouldn't see.

'I didn't know how they would react, but it was very funny to see them.

'I don't think they knew quite what to make of it, but after a while they seemed to get used to it.'

The turkeys arrive as day-old chicks, supplied by a hatchery in Essex during June and July.

The farm, which supplies turkeys to HH Treagust & Sons in Emsworth, is as busy as ever this year.

Mrs Bridger said: 'The main change since we have been here is that we now sell almost all our birds to individual customers.

'We used to supply to a lot of butchers, but now we only sell to one.

'There is such a huge demand for locally-sourced food, and it is growing all the time.

'We will be selling about 600 geese and turkeys at the farm gate, and 50 to a butcher. The majority of our customers are local, although we sell to people as far afield as Bournemouth, Horsham, Guildford and Portsmouth.'