TV advert help save daughter from choking

Jenny Bennett with daughter Emma
Jenny Bennett with daughter Emma
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A mum said she was able to leap into action and provide life-saving first aid to her choking daughter, thanks to seeing the St John Ambulance ‘The Chokeables’ advert.

Jenny Bennett, 33, of Borough Road, Petersfield, was on the phone when her three-year-old daughter Emma suddenly went quiet and began making odd noises.

Jenny said: ‘We were both in the lounge and I was chatting to my mum on the phone, when I realised Emma had gone quite quiet.

‘She then starting making an odd gulping noise, and when I looked up I could see she was very red in the face. It was obvious she was choking on some chopped-up apple she’d been eating.

‘I dropped the phone immediately, went over to her and gave her a pat on the back, which did nothing to remove the obstruction.

‘Then I remembered seeing The Chokeables video which I’d shared on Facebook just a few months earlier, which told you what to do if a baby was choking.’

The Chokeables advert is a 40-second animated demonstration of how to save a choking baby.

St John Ambulance has received high praise from people across the country with helping save the life of a loved one since the scheme launched back in January.

‘It was one of the most terrifying moments of my life,’ added Jenny.

‘I’m just so glad I’d seen the advert on Facebook and I’d urge other parents to watch it so they know what to do in this situation.’

The advert was created after research showed that 78 per cent of parents in the south east did not know how to help a choking baby, despite 58 per cent saying it was a major concern.

St John Ambulance schools and community training co-ordinator, Marita Edwards said: ‘While the techniques are different for children and adults, the principles of how to save someone’s life in that situation are similar.’

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