‘Twisters’ caught on camera over Portsmouth

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THESE dramatic pictures capture what looks like a twister in the skies over Portsmouth.

They were taken by News reader Tina Greppi from the Tesco in North Harbour looking towards the Solent.

She said: ‘I just saw this thing coming down from the clouds.

‘It seemed to be getting longer and longer and swaying from side to side. I pointed it out to my husband Bruno and he took the pictures.

‘It stayed there quite a while then gradually dispersed. We were watching it for 15 minutes.

‘I’ve never seen anything like that before.’

A Met Office spokesman said the phenomenon was likely to be a funnel cloud.

They described them as ‘extending, spinning fingers of cloud that reach towards the ground, but never touch it’.

The spokesman added that if a funnel cloud reaches the Earth’s surface, it then becomes a tornado, while if it touches a water surface, it becomes a waterspout.