Two groups meet to discuss how to improve Gosport

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A NEW group that wants to help improve Gosport is determined to show its commitment.

A Voice for Gosport, which started just before Christmas, is made up of residents who want to help improve the town and make it a place people want to visit.

Yesterday, representatives from the group met people from Gosport Town Team to discuss their aims and to introduce themselves.

For member Jeanette Perry, the meeting was about ensuring people know who they are and that they are happy to support Gosport in any way.

She said: ‘We are a breakaway group from a Facebook group that used to put up nostalgic pictures of Gosport.

‘We wanted to be more active and decided to start A Voice for Gosport, which will support other agencies and try to improve the area.

‘Meeting Gosport Town Team was crucial because we wanted them to know that we are not against them but that we want to help them.

‘We don’t support political parties and we have not been formed by the council. The group is just residents who want to make a difference to the centre of Gosport.’

During the meeting, which was held at the Discovery Centre, the groups discussed potential plans for the town centre and the feasibility of these plans.

Jeanette added: ‘We didn’t meet the Town Team expecting that everything we wanted to change, would change.

‘But we got advice from their representatives and we know what can and cannot be done.

‘So we can go back and think about we want.’

The groups talked about plans to put in a wider variety of shops in Gosport as well as trying to fill some of the empty ones.

They also spoke about improving the town centre and clean-ups to reduce litter and rubbish.

‘We are willing to do anything to help and that includes getting a brush and sweeping,’ said Jeanette.

‘Some other groups might not be as willing to do those little jobs as we are but that’s who we are.

‘We want to be the voice of the general public and now we have a better understanding about how to go about improving the area and when it is best to just let others deal with things because we can’t.’

Jeanette is meeting Gosport MP Caroline Dinenage today.