Two rescued in Purbrook flood drama

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A couple have been rescued from a van that was caught in flood waters at Purbrook.

They were travelling along Pigeon House Lane, Purbrook, at 1am this morning when their vehicle failed to get through a swollen ford.

The Transit van stalled in 4ft of water as the engine compartment was swamped.

The man and the woman, who are believed to be in their mid 20s, were saved by firefighters after they called for help.

Havant crews put ladders across the road to the vehicle to allow them to walk to safety.

The dramatic rescue operation lasted almost an hour and a half.

Crew manager Joe Forrest said: ‘It was very cold and very wet. I don’t think the couple realised how deep it was.

‘Fortunately we got them to safety. If they had been in a car it would have been a different story.’