Two young children rescued by fire crews

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FIREFIGHTERS were called to a pub after a toddler got their head stuck in a table.

A crew from Fareham went to the Harvester pub in Gudge Heath Lane, Fareham, to rescue a little girl whose head had become trapped underneath a table.

Jim Stone, watch manager, said: ‘The child had climbed underneath the table and put their head through the legs of the table and got their head stuck.

‘It was a little girl with her mum.

‘She was crying, but not too bad.

‘Her mum kept her calm and we had her out in no time.

‘It was a simple job. We unbolted the table and took the top off.’

Firefighters were called at about 4pm on Saturday and the whole operation took about 10 minutes.

In a similar type of rescue, a crew was called to a block of flats in Portsmouth Road, Cosham, at about 10am on Saturday.

A fire spokesman said: ‘A child had locked himself in the bathroom.

‘We were called by the grandparents who were babysitting.

‘We managed to dismantle the lock and let the lad out. We didn’t break the door.’