Unexploded war bomb is found in Petersfield garage

DRAMA Bomb squad at scene
DRAMA Bomb squad at scene

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PENSIONER Joyce Budd was pottering around her garage when she stumbled upon a live mortar shell from the Second World War.

Mrs Budd was helping her gardener tidy the detached garage next to her house in Bell Hill, close to the A3 at Petersfield.

Moments after informing the police, a Royal Navy bomb squad from Horsea Island, Portsmouth, arrived on her doorstep.

Mrs Budd said: ‘I moved some bits of wood and the gardener said, “that looks like a shell” and said we should call the police.

‘It goes back to the war years, and it’s the kind of thing boys pick up and keep. All this going on early in the morning caused quite a stir.

‘Lots of police arrived, and I went down the road to a friend’s and had a cup of tea.’

The bomb squad arrived at about 10am on Tuesday and experts studied the shell, which was about 12 inches long.

They then returned with a wooden ammunition box, gingerly placed the shell in it and carried the box to their van.

The navy team later blew up the shell in a controlled explosion at a safe location.

After the drama, Mrs Budd said: ‘I am going to spend the rest of the day relaxing – and I won’t be pottering in my garage for a while.’

A spokesman for Hampshire police said: ‘The device was a World War Two mortar bomb and was considered viable.

‘It was removed by Ministry of Defence officers.’